Projects of G-15


In pursuance of the objective of South-South cooperation, member countries of the Group of Fifteen have established a wide range of development and technical projects. Participation in G-15 projects is also open to interested developing countries other than G-15 members. The following is the list of projects and programmes of G-15:

  1. Cooperation at Institutional and Enterprise level for G-15 Small and Medium-size Enterprises (Egypt)
  2. Cooperation among Developing Countries in the Field of Design, Execution and Management of Petroleum, Gas and  Petrochemical Projects (Egypt)
  3. Cooperation among G-15 Stock Market Exchanges (Egypt)
  4. Trade Point Network for the member countries of the G-15 (Egypt)
  5. Cooperation between the G-15 Countries in International Fairs and Exhibitions (Egypt)
  6. G-15 ICT On-line Resource Centre (Egypt)
  7. Computer Training Centre in New Delhi (India)
  8. Gene Banks for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Developing Countries (India)
  9. Small-scale Industries Cooperation with Senegal, Zimbabwe and Nigeria (India)
  10. Solar Energy Applications (India)
  11. Vocational Training Centre/Entrepreneur and Technical Development Centre (CEDT) in Senegal (India)
  12. Cooperation among G-15 Countries in Banking and Trade Finance (Indonesia)
  13. International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (Jamaica)
  14. Toxicology Laboratory for the Natural Products Institute (Jamaica)
  15. Financial Mechanism to Enhance Trade Among Developing Countries (Malaysia)
  16. Centres of Educational Excellence (Malaysia)
  17. G-15 Electronic Trade Network On-line (ETNO) (Malaysia and Egypt)
  18. Collaboration on the Utilization and Development of Non-Metallic Mineral Raw Materials (Nigeria)
  19. Transfer of Technology and Development (Senegal)
  20. Business and Investment Forum (BIF) (Zimbabwe)
  21. G-15 Human Resource Training Programme.