ICT for Development

Information Communication Technology for Development

This discussion paper “ICTs as a Dual Edged Swords, Prometheus’ Legacy” was prepared by the member countries in 2013.

It has become a long standing practice since time immemorial that technology will always be jealously guarded by those who had already possessed it, while at the same time, vigorously sought after by those aspiring to have it. Venerated by many, detested by others, yet craved by all. The Hellenic Promethean myth told generations after generations only signifies one thing. That technology has always been, is, and will always be a contested territory in humankind’s anthropological landscape. In light of that, it is therefore not an exaggeration if one said that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as one of its branches, is not an exception. Rapid advancements of ICT’s in the last half century has truly empowered one to listen, see, transmit, and communicate over a previously unthinkable long distances. It is considered to be one of the paramount achievements of humankind’s civilization, as it -figuratively speaking-shrinks down the globe, and narrows down distances.

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